How do I use a reserved share on different devices?

i reserved a share on my windows 11 environment using zrok. Now I switched computer, I'm working on my MacBook Pro. Both environements are recognized by zrok as one only environment, but the reserved share "node" is directly connected to the user on the windows environment, how can I connect it to the macbook pro?

Is there a way to make reserved shares universal let's say?

Shares (and reserved shares) are tied to a specific "environment" in zrok, currently. zrok considers an "environment" to be the account/host where you've done a zrok enable. So, currently there is not a way to make the same share work from multiple environments.

Not sure how you've managed (other than copying the contents of ~/.zrok) to make two different systems use the same environment, but that's not really how it was intended to be used.

Why not just make a second reserved share for the second system?

The "scope" of reservations is something on the list to reevaulate for the next major series of zrok releases (v0.5.x), but in the currently v0.4.x series, shares are tied to environments.

What is the use case you're trying to solve? Maybe there's another way to do what you're trying to accomplish?

I'm using the tunnel on different devices because I'm developing an application that's using an external API. The websockets from the API need to know to which link redirect the data, but in this case I can duplicate the websockets and have one that redirect to the reserved share on windows and another one for the macbook. I'll be lloking forward to use the version v0.5.x but i think i got my solution somehow

Ok! Feel free to reach back out if you end up with more questions...