Moving reserved space from 1 user to another

when i do zrok reserved, it create the token on user1.
I would like to "move" this token, incase i need user2 or user3 to share the token. however it seem like the token only exist on user1?

when i log on another user, i have to join the environment like its a new computer, and non of the reserved space exist. is it stored somewhere, where i can copy and reuse it?

Reserved shares have to be globally unique, so user1 would have to release it in order for user2 to reserve it and use it. Curious about your use case though, maybe there's a different approach that might solve your problem.

Was reading up on ephemeral remote access article that was put out recently and found it amazing concept. My remote access sofeware was recently compromised so i want to try setting it up. User1 is the server, share out port1 with token1. Client1 have a zrok access running to token1 all the time. User1 would have the share resource off 99% of the the time. When he need access, he would ru. The shared reserved, then can connect. This way if user1 is compromise, unless they spend time and know the setup, client1 for all intent and purpose does not exit.

I want multiple people to be able to run this shared token. Or say if computer die. Or accidentally delete user1 from compurer, we would lose access to that token.

Is there a command to reserve a custom token like mytoken10? And lets say its running on user1 on pc1, if i have user2 on pc1, or usere on pc2, is there a way to remotely release it and rereserve it?

What i would like is ultimate have the share active 24/7 and have a web portal where i have a list of say 20 share and i can allow/block depending on which access i need. Is there a way to do that now or do i have to custom build it?

As of recently (0.4.19) zrok does support the concept of "vanity tokens", which allows you to request a specific share name. user1 could release it and user2 could pick it up. Just keep in mind that they are global so in theory someone else *could pick it up while it isn't reserved.

What if user1 account was a cidentally deleted/format/lost? Can the main admin of the network forcibly release it? Is it just zrok reserve vanity?

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If an account or environment is deleted then it should cascade and delete the other underlying resources, which would free up the share token again. I don't remember the exact syntax for the vanity share token, let me go dig it up....

so if user1 on a window system is accidentally deleted, zrok wouldnt know would it? would have to run zrok disable for zrok to know? since the user got delete, that unique access no longer exist in order to do zrok disable?

Ah, you meant the system user. You can also just delete the zrok environment using the Console at (see the Actions tab), which would free up the reserved share.

You can use the --unique-name when reserving a share

perfect. thank you very much!

@mguthrie88 hmm that would work, problem is i need a better way to select the share/node since i cant really do it from the web ui.... :slight_smile: (see picture).

is there a way i can pin point it with the reserve name?