How to port forward through zrok on public IP?

Hi, I register and install zrok as the last possible way port forward some specific tcp and ucp ports on my public IP internet

What script for powershe;; should I write and run to do this to open multiple TCP and UDP ports for gaming and other connect apps?

Hi @Valeran, welcome to the community and to zrok (and OpenZiti).

At this time, zrok the binary only really supports one port per zrok process running if you want to only share specific ports incredibly easily. This request is fairly common though, I'm sure it's on the roadmap to support.

If it were me there are a few things you could look into, none of these feels better than others to me, but maybe one thought or another appeals to you...

You could:

  • Write a script that starts 'n' zrok instances sharing the ports you want
  • Look into the VPN functionality that came out recently and see if that, combined with classical firewall rules opening only the ports you want would work
  • Check out the zrok caddy integration and see if that meets your needs
  • Look into the go or node zrok sdks and see if you can make an application of your own that does exactly what you want

Any guide how to do that?

Depending on what you’re trying to do, this might help: zrok with the Power of Caddy. See the section on “Multiple Upstream Backends”