Identity Reissue Enrollment Failed

Hi guys quick question.

I create an identity and the expiry time elapses, so I go to the menu and select Reissue Enrollment, no matter what date/time I provide every time I click the "Reissue Enrollment" I get an error "Reissue Failed"

Any ideas?

Also I created a new Identity so I could see the QR code, when I try to scan this in to the mobile app I get an error that it cant resolve the hostname, which is expected as the hostname that appears in the error is the actual server hostname and not the external DNS entry I have in the config.

Any ideas on this one, if needed I can spin this off into a seperate ticket.



Hi @mphayesuk, Thanks for letting us know. It looks like we had a ticket open for this issue already. I just put up a fix for this that can be tracked here:

This should be resolved in the next patch release. As you mentioned above though, you should be able to recreate the identity as a workaround. Thanks again!


Thats great thanks, any ideas on the second issue, when i scan the qr code for enrollment its using the local server hostname and not the external dns name i have configured.