Integrating ziti into a jenkins sever

The purpose of this discussion is to provide a systematic walkthrough of provisioning a Jenkins server and zitifying the connections to it. There have been several updates to Jenkins at this time. What is the best approach towards provisioning a server an configuring it with ziti?

Hi @EvanGertis! Nice to see you around the community!

Depending on what sort of Jenkins setup you have, imo the quickest, and easiest mechanism would be to simply deploy a ziti-edge-tunnel adjacent to the jenkins server. With the tunneler in place, you’d have a connection that gets you very close to the jenkins server.

We don’t have a truly “zitified” (as in application-embedded) version of Jenkins available. I don’t know if we’ll ever take the time to zitify jenkins, but we might. Until then, a colocated tunneler will be your best bet.


I was reminded that there’s a great blog post that @qrkourier wrote too that covers dark Jenkins. How could I forget about that!?!? Here’s the blog This is the Way: Invisible Jenkins | NetFoundry

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