Issues with serial over ssh & Netfoundry

I have an issue which I have had a tough time getting answers for, even with my best attempt at Google-Fu. My company infrastructure uses serial port (picocom) for several things, and these serial connections occur over ssh connection. Everything works fine without the ziti-edge-tunnel involved, but once we introduced it to some users, I have been hearing complaints of the serial connection terminating or hanging. I have some theories (mostly speculation) that it could be due to the buffer limit not being reached, or that it is something to do with ssh encryption (specifically the NetFoundry service config), but these are just hunches. Has anyone else seen a similar issue? If so, did you fix it? Thanks.

Hi @ian, welcome to OpenZiti and welcome to the community!

This seems like one of those really difficult questions to get an answer to. It might be helpful to look at the logs for the tunnelers (both sides, the near side and the far side) to see if it has any clues about what might be happening.

Off the top of my head, I don’t think this issue sounds particularly familiar. Maybe the logs have something to tell us?