Localization for web-gui console and client application

do you have any plans to localize the web-gui console and edge clients or make the text into separate files?

We have no plans on it at this time. As we are primarily all English speakers it probably will remain English only for a while.

Out of curiosity, if we did separate messages and text, are you looking to provide translations? The web UI is probably much easier to internationalize than the cli is. I’m unfamiliar with what other cli tools do here.

Yes, probably I’ll have to translate. Web UI quite easy to translate, but for edge tunnel apps it’s quite tricky.

I’ve added an issue in the ZAC github repo. add localization support · Issue #41 · openziti/ziti-console · GitHub The CLI, like you said, is a harder issue so let’s start with ZAC/UI and go from there. We’re a small team, so this will be prioritized accordingly. Thanks so much for checking out OpenZiti!