New ZAC - New Features - New Bugs (Maybe)

Hey Everyone!

A new ZAC with a bunch of new features and changes have been added and pushed up to master. I would love to hear from the community if you find any issues as we are trying to harden this UI over the next couple of months and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also don’t forget to do the same for the Windows and Linux Desktop UI.

Your friendly neighborhood OpenZiti UI guy!

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Thanks @jeremy.tellier. Correct if wrong, the new Edge UI will make it easier to edit the UI for internationalisation, i.e., we have had users wanting to edit for local language requirements. Right?

Yes, localization is not 100% yet, but there is a file in /assets/languages/en-us.js you can add another language like de.json and if the browser is set to de, it will use that language for any of the items that have been translated. Please do share if you start to translate them as I can add them to the repo. Thanks!

Thanks for the work!

Very satisfied so far. I was on a fairly old version before, and my favourite feature so far is to be able to select the identity role attributes as well.

One feature suggestion I do have already now:

I like the “pill” kind of way of showing Identity Role Attributes when selecting them, but a tooltip containing a defined description would be awesome.

Kind of like Microsoft shows it in Azure IAM:

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Hello! Thanks for the work and the updates on ZAC, I just bumped from 2.4.1 to 2.6.4 today and will start trying it out.

Are there any plans to start making tagged releases rather than having releases be implicit as commits in the master branch?

Thanks again,

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