Miscellaneous questions

  1. What is the purpose of tags? Are they modeled after something like AWS resource tags? Is there any recommended usage pattern for tags?

  2. Does edge-router-policy affect router-to-router fabric mesh formation? Or it is strictly for identities-to-router?

  3. Is it possible to see for a given session which route is being taken? ( client → router1 → router2 → service ) OR How can one visualize all the routes available between 2 endpoints?


Three questions in one!!! :slight_smile:

  1. I’d say yes, mostly as you said. they are tags you can add to ‘most’ objects as an extension point for storing information interesting to your identities/routers/whatever. For example the ZAC has the ability to have latitude and longitude added to edge routers, and then those edge routers will show up on your ZAC map. You define them and they are only interesting/relevant to you/your solution.

  2. edge-router-policy is explicitly for ‘edge identties’ connecting. you define/declare the fabric/mesh formation via config right now. Declaring a ‘link listener’ will allow any routers with dialers to form a link to that router.

  3. ziti fabric is your new best friend! :slight_smile:

    ziti fabric list
    Lists various entities managed by the Ziti Controller
      ziti fabric list [flags]
      ziti fabric list [command]
      list, ls
    Available Commands:
      circuits    lists circuits managed by the Ziti Controller
      links       lists links managed by the Ziti Controller
      routers     lists routers managed by the Ziti Controller
      services    lists services managed by the Ziti Controller
      terminators lists terminators managed by the Ziti Controller
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Thank you @TheLumberjack

If you are okay, I would like to re-use this topic in the future for more miscellaneous questions, and some day I can create a PR to openziti’s documentation with a FAQ section copied from this topic :slightly_smiling_face:

I won’t say “no”, but I do think it is useful to have individual questions with proper tags and whatnot. So although I would prefer individual threads to one mega thread, you can rest assured, if you ask the question, wherever you ask it, someone will reply. I have absolutely asked for a thread to be spawned to another whole question/dialog before when it deviates from the original topic. A great thing about discourse is that it makes these sort of conversations available to future users for search. It just helps if they are discrete questions.

So yes, ask away. Or make a new thread, or not… :slight_smile: We’ll answer you regardless.

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