On Premise with Support

I searched through “all” pages on Openziti and Netfoundry, but I was not able to find the information, if it is possible to deploy the enterprise version also on premise, or to get support the open source version. We can’t use any cloud based system for allowing access to our internal systems.

As I thought others are likely also looking for this information, I’m asking in the forum and not per mail.


Hi @robert , welcome to OpenZiti and the community!

Most definitely you can deploy OpenZiti on prem. CloudZiti also allows you to deploy parts of the network on prem too but since that’s a managed service, only certain parts of the overlay can be on prem and the management plane would definitely be deployed in the cloud…

Sounds like OpenZiti would fit your bill perfectly though. We don’t offer contracted support, but most people get pretty excellent support for most needs here on the community.

We have even had a user deploy OpenZiti on a fully air gapped environment lately! :smiley:

Thx for your fast answer. The management plane in the cloud is a no-go for our company (security wise and GDPR wise (if the SaaS or the hosting of the SaaS servers are done by a non-EU company). It is cool that’s everything is open source and the community is great. We also use much open source and also contribute back, but for such a strategic part of our network/security as OpenZiti would be, we would like to have someone to get help if we’re not able to fix it ourselves. We’ve some open source projects that we use in mission-critical applications where we’ve external support as backup - often by the core developers of the software.

Sometimes it is possible to deploy a SaaS solution on premise, and we just pay the cloud plan, and run it locally.

ps: Not completely air gapped in our case, but only reachable internally on our secure network to get access to the even more critical systems.

Hey Robert, I will ping to on DM to chat more.