OpenZiti ZAC behind current / current quickstart number

Two questions:

  1. What is the current version of ZAC. I think I saw a comment from Jeremy the other day saying ZAC is 2.5.0. However my version is on 2.3.4, with the latest docker image being 4 months ago. I am pulling the openziti/zac image. Is this the correct version or has this failed to update.

  2. I am using the openziti/quickstart image which is four weeks ago. According to the dockerhub page, the latest version is 0.26.10. When I look in ZAC, the Controller is 0.25. Is the tag number on dockerhub the controller version or a release number? I am referencing this through the ZAC and not through the command line.

I’ve been publishing the container manually. Just never got around to automating that publishing. I’ll check with @jeremy.tellier and see if it’s in a state where I can publish the latest. I know he was working through a few of the changes the community has highlighted. It’s probably just “shamefully” out of date (my bad).

Same thing for the quickstart. I publish those manually still too. It’s encouraging to know someone is using them though, I’ll get an issue in to make those part of the build as well. Until then, I’ll just went and pushed that button. :slight_smile: 0.26.11 should be published shortly: Deploy Quickstart Container · openziti/ziti@a977186 · GitHub

Thanks @TheLumberjack. This is what I use to deploy Ziti. I prefer this over “fat installs” as it makes my life easier for standing up controllers etc as I know that problems are not container based.

Your request sounds entirely reasonable. :slight_smile: ziti-edge-tunnel was moved over to the openziti docker hub, my guess is, about 5 months ago… :slight_smile: It’s a holiday here in the US and a couple of the people I’d want to talk to about that might be out. I would just move over to using the OpenZiti repo.



Also, I expect that we’re now at version 2.4.1.

@jeremy.tellier - that’s where the version is derived from?

Yes, but a lot of the fixes I have local are at 2.5.0 which I will publish ASAP.

2.5.1 has been published and is available.