Quarkus example

Has anyone built or started such an effort?

Hi @carljmosca. Welcome to the community and to OpenZiti!

I’ve heard people talk “about” Quarkus. I myself have no experience with it at all. I see that it’s Java, I would expect our jvm SDK would slot in nicely, but with no actual experience with the project/product, that’s just my initial reaction.

Are you looking to use Quarkus with OpenZiti? Are you hitting any problems?

Yes, I would like to use OpenZiti in a Quarkus app. I have had no issues with OpenZiti itself (great examples and support here) but was hoping to find an example comparable to those available for Spring Boot.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone that’s used it. I’ll mention it to others. We’ll look forward to your blog post on it after you are successful with it? :slight_smile:

If anyone’s tried it, me or someone will follow up

while we don’t have a quarkus integration module I did just create the vert.x (quarkus underlying framework) module. Please take a look here ziti-sdk-jvm/ziti-vertx at v0.24.0 · openziti/ziti-sdk-jvm · GitHub

Thank you, will do. When I first saw your message I asked myself how I missed a vertx example, LOL.