SDKs capability snapshot

It would be great to have a high level overview of the capabilities available for each of the SDKs… as I now realise there are some gaps.

This is important for app developers and architects to know… including the expected time frame for when new capabilities will be available.

Here is a starting point… that would be great to confirm…

C: Dialing and hosting capabilities
Goloang: Dialing and hosting capabilities
NodeJS: Dialing only currently, hosting capabilities available from ?
Java ?
.NET ?

All SDKs support both Dial and Bind (ability to host services) except ziti-sdk-node-js and ziti-sdk-py (Python SDK).

Bind support in ziti-sdk-py is in high demand and we are actively working on it. Keep your eye out for a PR in that repository.

ziti-sdk-nodejs Bind support is something we plan to add but isn’t being actively worked on. We have no ETA at the moment. Knowing that you were looking to use it is helpful from a prioritization standpoint - thanks for letting us know!

Also note: the plan for this Friday’s Ziti TV is to cover the ZDKs broadly (likely with a focus on Python and C SDK updates)

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FWIW I want to document this better in general. It’s on the list for real now too SDK Matrix · Issue #116 · openziti/ziti-doc · GitHub

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