Need help with Contributing to Ziti

Hi all,
I’m Divyanshu, a final-year undergrad from India. I came to know about Ziti from Michael Kochanik at DeveloperWeek. Most of the time, I code in Python and I see Python SDK is coming soon. I would love to contribute to building the python SDK. Any suggestion/help will be appreciated, to help me out with starting contribution for OpenZiti.

Hi Divyanshu! The best thing to do would be to come up to speed with “what” OpenZiti is and what it’s all about and then - well just start coding! :slight_smile: You can get your own overlay running by going to and choosing one of the “getting started” guides.

After that - I’d say start in with the C SDK and get a program or two working… Once you get that going you’ll want to wrap that C SDK in python and replicate what you did in straight C. And once you’ve gotten through that, well then maybe you’ll feel the confidence you need to propose a whole SDK idiomatic to Python.

That make sense? Happy to have you in the community - welcome!

I have found the ziti platform one of the best for setup networking using Linux.

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Hey , Happy to help you . I think you can contribute in their github repository as well . Thank you

Does ziti is going to take part in GSoC’22?

Definitely! We can always use help with the doc or with examples/samples using openziti. If you have any open source project you were looking to integrate ziti with - we’ll be eager to help!

Historically, we have not taken part in GSoC. We might look into it though. We just haven’t investigated what we might need to provide. We’ve talked about it here and there but never done it yet. I’ll bring the message back to our internal team and see if it would work for us. If so - I’ll follow up here.

At the same time - if you have anything that sparks your interest and you have questions - start up a discourse thread and we’ll do our best to help!

In the last couple days we broke our quickstart. i filed this issue which would be a great “first issue” since it’s all about using the right version of ziti to make your network. if interested :slight_smile:

We now have a Python SDK @divyanshu - GitHub - openziti/ziti-sdk-py

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