Speeding up loading of ZAC over a private DNS

I am playing around with a few things to investigate ways to improve performance.

For instance… the screen shot below is a timeline of loading ZAC over an private DNS


Originally… I thought it made a difference if the host was an edge router or tunneller… but I realised this was a cache issue… and it does not make any difference.

tips to investigate performance improvement

So… I thought to revisit the problem of how to track down the specific process that is taking all of this time to complete

are their any common config changes that would make sense to start with

PS… this really only happens the first time the page is loaded… after this… the page refresh happens very quickly

Would the time delay have something to do with building the local cache?

If so… are their config changes that you can use to speed up this process?

I started to investigate the performance of the compute… which is getting some peaks in response to a page request.

are there any guidelines around machine specifications… ie RAM and CPUs etc.

Maybe this is all it is… as the compute I am using is quite small.

Max bandwidth: 480 Mbps


One thing I can try is to move the router to another machine in the sub net… I will have a go a doing this…

One cpu is definitely a bit light for any sort of production type environment in my opinion. I’d at least use two but with the os, the controller, the router, Zac… All on one cpu is probably too little. It’s fine enough for dev type work, but not for something you want to be as performant as possible. CPU is relatively cheap. What the exact right number, that’s always a balancing act. I would use at least 2 CPU though. Maybe 4.

The initial connection is always a bit slower than subsequent connections because the path gets calculated but the delay usually isn’t anything really tangible in my experience.

If you’re seeing substantial delays in the initial connection that’s not what I experience.

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Oh one more thing we have experienced is running out of iops in these free tier cloud providers. If you hit that, you CAN see strange delays that don’t seem to make sense. I usually don’t see that when doing my dev work, but I do hit that now and then when doing more testing. That might be relevant

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