Spiffee & OpenZiti

Is there any more documentation on this, in addition to the awesome video.

I am looking to play around with this to get a demo to work.

@andrew.martinez @dovholuknf @qrkourier

PS… towards the end of the video, the term “smoke” was mentioned. Is there any chance that you can elaborate on what this is? It seems to be a part of OpenZiti.


Also… the video talks about attesting workloads on cloud hosted servers. It would be great if you can add a few more comment to describe this in more detail.

Is there any more documentation

Not yet. Coming soon. Ziti tv is often dripping wet stuff the team is working on.

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I was a really cool demo… definitely keen to work through all of the steps.

Will you elaborate on the context in which “smoke” was mentioned, or provide a timestamp? The first meaning that springs to mind is a “smoke test” which in software is a simple, functional test of an app or system. The term derives from the practice of plugging in newly manufactured electrical devices to ensure they don’t immediately catch fire.

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you will find it in the transcripts at 41:30 … keen to have more clarity on this.

@markamind Andrew was referring to the maintainers’ own private “smoke instance” which is a (smoke) test suite we use to build and destroy a Ziti network along with each code change so we’ll know right away if basic connectivity is affected. Plug it in and hope there’s no smoke!

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