Tproxy not supported on darwin

I am working through setting up a LAN Gateway, which involves the following

  1. remote Oracle Linux as the host
  2. local MacOS as the client

I have the ziti-router on the Oracle Linux machine up and running now.

I successfully enrolled the router identity on the local MacOS

However, when I started up the ziti-router, I received the following error message

"error":"failed to initialize tproxy interceptor: tproxy not supported on darwin

Any tips?

Maybe… as an alternative… I need to setup a docker / virtual box instance… that uses Ubuntu etc… and use that instance to run the ziti-router

Is this how it is normally done?.. or is there way to make it work on a MacOS?

Alternatively… now that I am thinking about it… is there a way to use the ziti-edge-tunnel?

Maybe I am taking the wrong approach