Ziti-edge-tunnel darwin arm64 build for a Mac M1?

Hello, I’m interested in a ziti-edge-tunnel build for a Mac M1 arm64 target soon.

Looking at the ziti-tunnel-sdk-c releases, I see arm64 for linux and darwin for x86_64, but not darwin on arm64.

Searching through the GH issues, I see GH#449 which looks like it may be the reason it’s not available in the releases.

Are there any other known issues blocking builds of darwin on arm64? Just want to get an idea before I potentially put effort into that.


MacOS has certain restrictions. You probably want to get the OpenZiti native app from the app store. Is there a reason you want ziti-edge-tunnel vs the apps?

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Wow… Fastest response ever – I don’t think I even had time to blink after hitting the post button before I noticed the “TheLumberjack is replying…” on my screen. LOL, I thought maybe my browser had somehow cached that line incorrectly, but no, you were really that fast! :slight_smile:

I’m outside of my usual territory with respect to macs. It’s very possible that the native app will do just fine, so I’ll look in that direction first. Thanks!

Quickdraw! I happened to be ‘right here’ at that moment… And wrt MacOS, you and me both! :slight_smile: Here’s what it looks like in the app store:

Once it’s running you’ll have a somewhat hard to see Z in the top right of the menu:

I think you’d be best off getting the app tho

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The UI is different than Windows, in the lower left is a plus icon, click that to add a .jwt

Once the jwt is added you still will need to click the ‘enroll’ button… After that you should be able to poke around and figure the other things out.

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Excellent, thank you, hopefully I’ll be giving it a try soon!