Unable to set console to raw mode error

I have zrok running on a decent amoutn of computer. 95%+ works fine. i'm getting this error on 1-2 of them.

windows 10 pro. 64bit
when i do enable, i get unable to set console to raw mode: The parameter is incorrect.

when trying to access share: might relate to not being enable yet:
[ 3.061] INFO main.(*accessPrivateCommand).run: allocated frontend 'i6GcasZBXhQp'
e[?25le[?1049he[2Je[1;1He[1;1He[?25l[ERROR]: An error occurred (prepare console: set console mode: The parameter is incorrect.)

Hi @longphx, did you end up getting this resolved or is this still a problem for you? That's the full output, right?