Upgrading from 0.33

Hi all,

Is there a step by step upgrade process?
I am not familiar with git pulls etc. We are currently on 0.33 but want to upgrade to the most recent one without losing profiles or data.


You're looking to upgrade your overlay network, correct? There are a few new docs such as Controller Backup and Recovery | OpenZiti and Router Backup and Recovery | OpenZiti

The short of it is you should backup the pki, config file, and database for the controller, and the pki and config for the routers "just in case".

Once you back things up, then you can simply replace the ziti binary and everything should migrate correctly on startup. If you used quickstart to get running, check the systemd unit file for where that binary is and either replace/edit it, or download a new one and refer to it in that file.

Hope that helps

Backup is not an issue for me as I will just take a snapshot of the VM.

Regarding the upgrade you explain it's not quite clear for me.

Oh, it's really just:

  • find the ziti binary being used
  • stop the target service/process
  • replace the ziti binary
  • start the taget service/process (controller/router)

If you installed with a linux package manager, upgrade ziti using the package manager.

I'm pretty sure that's all there is to it. @emoscardini -- is there anything more to this process that I'm forgetting? Maybe you can add extra context (if needed)?