ZAC: updating a config interceptor

I found out something by mistake that may be of benefit to others.

When you want to change the intercept, there is no option to modify or delete… only add.

However, when you add a new intercept, it overwrite the old intercept… which makes sense.

What do you mean and how did you try? You can definitely issue ziti edge update config to update the config.

If that doesn’t make it to the endpoint, that might be a bug.

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If you’re doing this via ZAC, you’d edit the configuration, but not the service.

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I was doing it via the ZAC console rather than command line.

Ahh… did not know about the ziti edge update config command. Nice…

I did this from the ZAC console for a service I needed to modify

Although there was already an intercept set… I just added another one expecting it to fail… but instead… it replaced the intercept.

You can update the config too via ZAC. you just can’t do it from the services screen, you need to do it from the config screen.

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