Ziti Admin Console install hanging

so i'm running my overlay network on an Oracle free VPS, the AMD flex with 1 core 2 thread Epic CPU and 1GB RAM configuration. Controller and Edge router setup was rough but its up and running, systemd setup and confirmed restarting services after system reboot, so all good right? well, i'm trying to install the Admin console and i've confirmed nodejs installed properly at version 20 and npm installed with version 10. angularCLI installed just fine as well. when i CD the github clone and execute "npm install" as per the quickstart instructions, i make it to

"idealTree:@angular-devkit/build-angular: timing idealTree:node_modules/@angular-devkit/build.angul" but then the progress bar and loading indicator stop/freeze up and the system just hangs for hours/overnight unless i ssh in with a new terminal and reboot the system. i do not believe it ever makes it passed the npm install as after a reboot it will not let me build the ziti-console lib from the following step.

not sure where to go from here. mind you, i'm using nothing but the quickstart and tutorials i've found online. prior to this i've had virtually no CLI or linux experience at all so this is completely greek to me. any help at all (which will likely be frustrating on your part, my apologies) would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @T0pBun, welcome to the community and to OpenZiti!

Is it always stuck at the exact same step? That's very odd and very frustrating (I'm sure)... It sounds like you've done all the right stuff to be honest.

In the past when this happens to me, it's sometimes because the "cloud" machine ran out of some kind of resource and got throttled by the cloud vendor. I'm wondering if that's what happened to you. Maybe you ran out of IOPS or disk space.

@gberl002 you used Oracle's free VPS last year, did you hit any snags like this or remember anything "funny" happeneing?

@T0pBun - what region are you in? I might try to make a free vps in that region and try it to see if it happens to me...

@TheLumberjack 3 times now it was stuck at the same step (been working on this for 2 days lol) though oddly enough as i saw you were replying it actually progressed to a new step for the first time that i've seen. your hypothesis that it could be throttled resources may be spot on if that is the case. i'm in the phoenix region. 2nd zone or whatever its called. there are 3 to choose from

I don't recall ever setting up ZAC on my instances. I can give it a shot and see if I can replicate this issue.

@gberl002 , i don't know if it was something particular about my VPS instance, but it wouldn't let me upgrade from nodejs v12 to v20 through apt. i had to sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite to update file from the repository that i manually added before i could get nodejs v20. incase you run into a similar issue

Well, no luck reproducing the issue on my existing instances. Tomorrow I can try and spin up a new instance starting from scratch with your specific configuration.

after practically a whole day, it finally "finished" but resulted in a failure. i got an error "request to https://registry.npmjs.org/@jridgewell%2Fset-array failed, reason: client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established".

its followed up with "this is a problem related to network connectivity. in most cases you are behind a proxy or have bad network settings."

i'm not behind a proxy. at least i don't believe i am. i never set one up. if there is anything i'm supposed to do to configure my VCN for the oracle VPS, i haven't the slightest idea. i figured the basic setup was fine considering i could SSH in and download all the packages/updates and github clone

edit: i did a dig at the provided url and am able to ping the associated ip address just fine. no idea if that has anything to do with a https connection though

Have you updated your security list to allow external traffic on the ports your network is using?

Here is a link to part of a blog article explaining how to update the Oracle VPS security list if you haven't done that.

The whole article is about setting up Oracle as a VPS so if you haven't read it, it might be worth a look through just to see if there is anything else. I don't walk through setting up ZAC but it does mention optionally allowing the standard port that ZAC would use if following the quickstarts.