Zrok cmd for clients

I like the selfhosted setup, it gives a lot of flexibility to the admins, but one use case i'm concerned about is : if one was to allow internet users to enable their workstations as environments, so they can share their http projects, the zrok command line gives the end users a lot of power , like "zrok overview" which will list all the envs attached the slefhosted instance.
am I using the product wrong, or is there an architecture design I should be aware of ?


zrok overview only allows users to list resources their account owns, not for the entire instance.

I see, do you have any architecture suggestions if I wanted to open my selfhosted zrok instance to my user base ( for my website ) , the idea is for my users to be able to create public shares for their local apps.

We run the same code for zrok.io that you can run in your self-hosted environment. zrok is already set up out of the box to allow users to create accounts using zrok invite, and then enable environments for sharing using zrok enable. All of these things were designed to work in a multi-tenant environment.

As long as you're allowing them to create their own accounts, not trying to share one account amongst many users, then zrok will work just fine in your environment.

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