Zrok self-hosted instance and horizontal scalability

Are self-hosted instances in Zrok scalable, if I were to deploy two or more instances behind a loadbalancer ? can the users database be shared by multiple frontends?
Appologies if I missed this in the docs

If you're talking about the service instance components when self-hosting, like the zrok controller, and the public frontend(s), etc... then yes, those components are designed to be horizontally scalable. You can run as many zrok controllers as you want behind a load balancer and it will work fine.

If you're going to use multiple controllers, you'll need to be using PostgreSQL, as SQLite databases can only be opened by one process at a time.

Let me know if that helps?

it does.
I guess it's more about running multiple controllers behind a load balancer.
you know of any articles/blogs that have been written in using PostgresSQL ?


The frontend components don't use the database, they only need connectivity to OpenZiti. The controller is the only thing that uses the database.

You can check out any basic tutorial on configuring PostgreSQL. Once you have PostgreSQL set up, bootstrapping it happens automatically just like it does on SQLite.