After restart Can not command the Controller

My VM restarted and after that I can not run the startController/startRouter command

I have sourced the environment file

Yeah. That makes sense… Right now those functions are sourced from the script you used to run expressInstall.

You can do a few things here.

  1. just source the latest script whenever you like (without running expressInstall):

     source /dev/stdin <<< "$(wget -qO-";
  2. download that script ‘as is’, place it into some known location (like next to the env file) and add the source-ing of that helper script to the existing .env file you sourced

  3. you can look at what that function does and setup an alias of your own somehow, it’s not substantial. :slight_smile:

  4. Use systemd (assuming it’s available?) and setup the unit files and enable them and then on restart it’ll ‘just start up’ for you

That make sense? if not, let us know. Cheers!

Makes perfect sense I was able to get them started as a service

This may sound strange but the admin console comes up with no way input user and password or anything it says welcome please login to continue

This is after being moved to our lab

@jeremy.tellier can you comment here? @cmbryner would you supply a small screen cap?

I would have to see the screen and possible open dev tools in the browser to see if anything shows in console. @cmbryner

Wow that is strange! I’ve never seen this before. If you refresh it just keeps coming up like this? What about a private window? I’d also wonder if any errors are logged in the ziti-console window (or from journalctl -u ziti-contsole if you enabed with systemd)

I started the console manually in debug mode as I don’t have a service file yet I will make that and give it a shot

oh well just look at the standard out then, i’m just wondering if ZAC logged any kind of error

I don’t see any obvious errors

Have you opened dev tools in the browser? It looks like something errors because the font does not even load.

The version is not even showing in the side bar, its as if the locale load fails somewhere.

Looks like your system is not allowing outside includes or cannot reach google for jquery and fonts. Is it being blocked or is it offline?

this is an offline lab

That would do it, let me see if I can make a release using all offline files there is a few scripts from Google and CloudFlare that ZAC relies on.

Perfect Thank you for your help

The controller and router seem to work perfectly offline the console was just giving some problems

Yes, I include some external scripts for load speed, etc. But it makes sense that they should all be local. I will get it pushed ASAP and I will comment here when I do. Thanks!

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