BrowZer Set up and Configuration Help

Hi Ziti Team,
I recently set up a virtual android phone using android studio, and I have an app on another windows server. I want the phone to run the app through BrowZer, but I am still not quite sure how to go about it. If you guys could give me some starting tips I would appreciate it. Is it possible to download BrowZer onto my virtual android phone?


Hi @Rocket. Thanks for your interest in BrowZer.

BrowZer will work on Android phones (I use it on that form factor daily), but it is important to note that there is nothing to “download” onto the device.

Once a Ziti network is established with all the necessary browZer components and configuration, all you’d need to do on the Android is bring up Chrome or Brave and surf to the URL representing your protected web app.

I’ll be in touch again soon with more info about how you can get rolling with browZer.

Oh ok that’s good to know. If you could let me know how to set up the components for BrowZer I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again

Yes, absolutely. Docs concerning this are taking shape right now. I’ll notify you as soon as we have things published, so you can take things for a spin.