Status of BrowZer and using Ziti-Edge-Tunneler+Browzer?

Hi there,

I was wondering on what the current status of BrowZer is? I’d love to set it up and try it out - I’d love a very brief documentation however on what I’ll need to do on the ziti-http-agent side. Is there already a (non-official) documentation I could use to set it up? I couldn’t find anything so far…

Is it possible to use BrowZer without actually zitifying the Web App? We have some applications in use where zitification is difficult to impossible, as we don’t really have direct access to the webserver code. It would be great to be able to use a ziti-edge-tunnel instead as we currently do.

Here’s how we currently do it:
User has Ziti Desktop Edge installed and accesses web application on server where Ziti Edge Tunnel is installed.
Here’s how we like to do it, to make access to the web-app clientless and offer access for e.g. external contractors:
User has nothing installed except a browser. User belongs to Azure AD group.
BrowZer knows that user is granted access by being a member of Azure AD group. User accesses app via Browser

Hi @dmuensterer Thanks for asking about BrowZer.

Yes, it is possible to use BrowZer without actually Zitifying the Web App. This capability is one of the reasons BrowZer is so powerful. We can protect web apps in cases where you either don’t want to Zitify it… or… you simply cannot (e.g. when running an app you license from someone else).

As an example of the latter, our company, NetFoundry, runs a couple of different instances of Mattermost (one for internal corporate needs, and another for customer collaborations with our company). Both of these instances are “dark” to the internet, while still being accessible to anyone around the world who has a BrowZer identity provisioned for them.

And… both of these Mattermost instances are completely unmodified, off-the-shelf builds of Mattermost. Our BrowZer technology does what I refer to as touchless-dynamic Zitification of the web app.

The scenario you desire (Azure AD as the IdP, no ZDE on the client) is a use case we intend to support.

We are currently doing some BrowZer pilots with interested parties. We have not done one with a team using Azure AD yet but would like to.

If you are interested in doing a pilot, let me know by replying on this thread, and we can take the next steps to set up a deeper conversation.

I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


Hi Curt,

thanks for the quick reply!
Yes, we’d love to pilot and try out BrowZer and an Azure AD IDP integration!
Please feel free to write me a PM here or via E-Mail - as you like.


Also keen to investigate further… :slight_smile: