Bulk add Addresses

Hi Team,
I am trying to add multiple url or Ip addresses under Address tab when creating intercept configurations but it won't work. example, copy and paste mydomain1,mydomain2 will result to mydomain1mydomain2

if I add manually 1 by 1 then it would work as valid entry. Is there a way to add bulk ? either in command line or gui ?

Hi Crystech,

Unfortunately the addresses input field you mentioned does not support that kind of delimiting behavior. Though that would definitely make for a nice enhancement/improvement of the form.

In the meantime you may have better luck using the JSON view to do that kind of bulk editing. You can toggle between the "form" and "JSON" views using the { JSON } button highlighted here in this screenshot:

Just to note, if you do use the JSON view to edit the addresses property, they need to be added as strings surrounded with double quotes.