New "Quick Add" Features

New features added to the Ziti Admin Console that allows you to add simple identity and tunnel services with the minimal amount of work. Please test out and let me know if this workflow makes things easier for you or if it is missing anything you do on a normal basis. I made these to handle the 99% of identities and services that I personally create, it will auto generate configurations and policies required to grant access to the service and host the service.



I like it… I have a few tweaks to the words I think makes it easier to understand

  • “How is the hosted” to “What underlay address are you securing?” I would maybe make this the first option? Seems like a good first question?
  • I’d change “where is this service hosted” to “which identities can host this service” and I would make a help bubble/tooltip that says “the address specified above must be reachable by these identities” to try to help people understand
  • “Who has access” → “Which Identities can access”
  • Service Name → Name? Service Name seems redundant? :slight_smile:
    Require encryption should be removed entirely. All ‘simple’ services should have e2ee by default
  • “How to access” → “Intercepted address” with a bubble/tip of “Enter the address identities will use to access the service”

I’d also love to see an option to show the user the ziti cli commands that they could perform too as a learning aid.

I’d also like to see a running list of “the things” that this form creates as a learning aid as well. I’d think those are like “expando” type things, “click here to see how to do this with Ziti CLI” etc

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@jeremy.tellier nice work!! Just had a chance to update and play with it. As someone who is currently bouncing from one zero trust solution to another, intuitive interfaces are appreciated slightly more than usual. This is helpful and appreciated. Certainly @TheLumberjack has excellent feedback as well.


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I am trying to avoid some of the terminology that would confuse people “Underlay Address” I would close the window if I saw that, same for “Intercept Address” but I could probably say the “Identities” part, just you can also select attributes so it also is kind of misleading.

It's the proper term to use and it's an important point in OpenZiti of understanding. You should just provide a tool tip then that explains what the term is, or provide a link that opens a new window and links to our glossary: