Can an application have multiple connections to a service?

What is the API for an application connecting to a service? I’m asking from a pure ziti perspective, ie via SDK. I don’t care to know a literal method signature (although that may answer my follow up questions.)

My current understanding is that Ziti lets an application connect to a service by name and (presuming policies are all good) the application gets a bi-directional byte stream that it can read and/or write to. If that’s the case, then I started wondering … can an application connect more than once to the same service? Does ziti support mux/demux of logical connections on top of an internal session’s connection? I’m realizing that I don’t quite understand where Ziti sits in the traditional 7 layer network model; the degree to which ziti provides upper level constructs or leaves that to applications to handle.

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Yes, the application can connect more than once to the same service. You can demonstrate this with a tunneler application (e.g., Windows Desktop Edge), by connecting to e.g., an ssh service from multiple terminal windows.

it’s effectively equivalent to a socket. bytes sent, bytes received

sure - http is an example where > 1 request can be sent but you need to implement your own dispatch/control if you want these to be processed in parallel since (as HTTP does) all the responses are on a HTTP connection unless explicitly using multiple HTTP connections like a browser dows… OR you can open a second ‘ziti’ connection and use that …

yes. I basically hinted at this in the previous response about “more than once to the same service”