Cannot login with zrok account

I already have a zrok account. I want to use zrok on my terminal but cant seem to figure how to do that i get this error.

there was a problem creating an invitation!

you are trying to use the zrok service at:

you can change your zrok service endpoint using this command:

$ zrok config set apiEndpoint <newEndpoint>

(where newEndpoint is something like:

[ERROR]: error creating invitation ([POST /invite][400] inviteBadRequest  duplicate email found)

Hi @NaiveInvestigator. Welcome to the community and to zrok! (and OpenZiti)

If you already have a zrok account, login to the UI at In the upper right hand corner click your email and then "Enable Your Environment".


Click the copy button to copy your "enable" command:

:point_up: THAT is the command you want to copy/paste and run on your terminal.

After that you should be find to run zrok commands

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OMG thank you so much for the VERY FAST response. I came back to close the tab, expecting a reply tmr lol. It works now :> sorry i pored over the docs but couldnt see it rip.

could we add this in the FAQ section or something similiar?