Closed-beta phase and requires an invitation token

There’s been some confusion about what this means so I figured I’d provide more information about how this augments the getting started.

The basic flow with an invite token is:

  1. Download & extract the binary
  2. Issue the invite command zrok invite --token {token} - this sends you and email
    !! This is where you use the invite token.
  3. Finish the setup by following the link in the email to create a password
  4. Once the password is setup, you receive your enable token within the web console
  5. Use the enable token to enable your local environment zrok enable {token}
  6. Now you can setup shares zrok share public/private

Anyone can request an invite token by emailing

If you attempt to use the invite command when the invite token is required, you will receive an error like this:

there was a problem creating an invitation!

you are trying to use the zrok service at:

should you be using a --token? check with your instance administrator!

you can change your zrok service endpoint using this command:

$ zrok config set apiEndpoint <newEndpoint>

(where newEndpoint is something like:

[ERROR]: error creating invitation ([POST /invite][401] inviteUnauthorized)

Once the beta phase complete, the invite command will not require a --token {token} to function.


does mention that some environments need an invitation token. But it does not mention that the default environment needs one. I think it would be nice to mention that…

Hi @ineiti, welcome to the community! If you scroll up a bit on that page, you’ll see

Thanks - so I represent the “most stupid user” who just skips until he sees what he’s interested in :slight_smile: Must be some kind of low-pass filter that only lets pass really interested users…

I don’t even remember anymore where I finally found the information about where to send an email for a beta token - but I’m sure it was not this one!


lol - thanks for following up!