Docker Compose Configuration changing Admin password when restarted

I am starting to use the Docker Compose example a little bit more… and have noticed something unexpected.

When I start from a fresh install, it automatically sets a complex password. Nice:)

However, when I stop the instance and restart it, somehow the admin password changes from the original.

I realised this was happening when zitiLogin failed. Once I changed it back to the password that was set when the instance was first created… I was able to run the zitiLogin again.

Is this to be expected? Has anyone else observed this?

This happened to me because I did not start the Docker container in detached mode.

No it’s most definitely not expected. We discovered that but just Friday ourselves. It’s overwriting the ziti.env file too with that wrong password.

The docker based quickstart is undergoing another overhaul. Until that’s complete it’ll be best to just capture the password on the first run.

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ahh… thanks… I have made a backup copy of the env file :slight_smile: