Great OpenZiti talk re VPN versus overlay

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What could be better?

For me, it would be a high level foundations course to understand the basics. I have something cooking away in the background.

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Hey, thanks for the post! :slight_smile:

Do you feel like you have gained that education “the hard way” - or do you feel like you could still use some more? Do you have any top-level bullet points that come to mind?

While it mostly has been the hard way for me… I don’t mind it… because of how I am… but many people just don’t have the time… which is a massive constraint.

At the start… a higher level foundational program would have been really helpful… like when to use an addressable terminator. or what is a terminator and what does it mean if you dont have one configured… or remember to use the ziti edge tunneller not the ziti tunneller… or what is the difference between a host versus proxy or tproxy (which I still dont completely understand) etc… a lot of it is in the documentation… and demos… but its not until you move beyond the demo that you can put it in context… and by this time… your brain is stressing out so much to find an answer… you struggle to make sense of the documentation… its only until after you have found the solution you go… ahh… I see now. It’s nothing to do with the quality of documentation… rather the layering of knowledge to accelerate the learning curve.

In contrast… what I also want is a way to get involved in a more challenging configurations… I have done most things that I know how to do… but keep putting off that next really hard thing… like bring your own CA to a Ziti Controller… well that will sort you out for a few months… I still have not quite got there to really give it a go… but are getting closer. However… after that… there is still a whole lot more you can do to really push the tech to its limits… like massively scale automated DevOps… For instance… I have basically spent the last week to learn Ansible… so I can actually understand… what is behind the Ziti Ansible demo… and how the Ziti plugin works… I have not got that far yet… but these things keep you engaged… and push you to keep learning more and more…

Others that I am really keen on are Brozwer… and the Spiffe integration

Others are I have found really interesting are to build your own database driver with Golang… that is really interesting…

Maybe it could be some bi monthly hack event… to try something new and challenging… and to share the learning with all of the others… I would find this a lot more productive than thrashing it out on my own and in the forums… as other would also be having similar issues

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