In what way I can contribute

Hi , currently our company use openziti , the community has been really helpful in responding to issues , without community we would not test openziti so far .

I want to contribute in a way that helps to community , maybe code / discussion forums or anything that I can with little . Please give me pointers to the relevant concepts and code paths because I am doing this with a job so I want to be efficient and productive with my contributions to make sure its quick and good and time not wasted in figuring out things that someone has already figured out

Thanks again :melting_face:

Glad to have you here, @sadath-12. It sounds like you have a really powerful way of using OpenZiti in Kubernetes and that makes me glad.

Feel free to answer topics here in the forum. OpenZiti and zrok are developed in the open as free software and you're welcome to comment, document, and contribute.

Here are some ways you, or anyone, can help:

  • notice documentation problems and write a GitHub issue or pull request to solve it - you can ask for direction here in the forum
  • raise a GitHub issue if something doesn't work as expected
  • find and qualify relevant GitHub issues - sometimes an issue is raised but doesn't have enough information - ensure the issue describes the symptoms and how to re-create the problem - you can comment on the issue in GitHub
  • help community members find relevant documentation - the docs are searchable, but it's sometimes challenging to find info
  • comment on GitHub issues that are relevant to you - bug, enhancement, etc.
  • ask for Ziti TV episodes to cover a topic that is relevant to you
  • publish something you wrote about how you're using OpenZiti or zrok and link it in the forum
  • Give us a GitHub star (ziti, zrok)!
  • share ideas in the forum for discussion and direction

thanks @qrkourier , will look into the things in a contributing way from now . I'm glad of the super impactful collab we had so far

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