Incomplete API Error Message

I used config type name instead of id and was flagged as resource not found. I think it would go a long way if at least indicated what resources was not found or perhaps “config option " need to be in ID format, etc.
dsliwinski@pop-os:~ curl -sSX POST "{curlArgs[@]}” -d “{“name”:“iperf3”,“roleAttributes”: [“test”],“egressRouter”:“587b45c0-c6f7-4b42-8be3-3932a7e45230”,“endpointAddress”:“tcp://10.10.10.~1:5201”,“configs”:[“tunnel-client-01”]}” “https:/$controllerIP:1280/services” --insecure
{“error”:{“args”:{“urlVars”:{}},“cause”:null,“causeMessage”:"",“code”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“The resource requested was not found or is no longer available”,“requestId”:“3fd17dd4-6113-4d15-a9a4-404db5bc6aef”},“meta”:{“apiEnrolmentVersion”:“0.0.1”,“apiVersion”:“0.0.1”}}

I agree.

I believe we have the information available and previous iterations of the API did return that information, but during evolution was lost.

I have added an issue pointing at this topic to

Sounds good. Thank you!