Integrating OpenZiti with mail servers

I understand that mail servers are outside the scope of OpenZiti.

There could be a link I guess if you created your own mail client… where you hosted your own mail server… but say if you use Office 365… there is probably not much you could do

I guess you could aim to create a multi-cloud network…but you would need to segment your main digital assets to keep them secured with an overlay network

As this is not an area I really specialise in, I thought to ask if anyone has any further comments.

I’m not entirely sure where you’re going here. There’s two sides to email, the federated email servers themselves which send emails from one server to another, and then there’s the interaction between a user and the server where the user retrieves any email sent to them.

I expect your mostly referring to the latter. I too have very little practical knowledge of setting up and running a mail server so I won’t be a huge help here but… If you have a client that you’re configuring to access the mail service and it’s on some private network, it’s conceivable you could use ziti somehow in that mix. Without very specific details, it’s really hard to make much more of a comment for me.

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Agree. If you have a mail server that you host internally then you can intercept the connection and shove it over the overlay. Basically any mail server configuration where you own the ip/hostname you could put through ziti. It would not be native but through intercepts. Cloud providers don’t use ZTNA but rely on TLS as this is easier and meets what the market knows.

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