IOS battery usage

I have the latest version of mobile edge on my phone (2.22). I also noticed this in the last version of the client as well. I don’t use it much other than showing people how it works or the occasional usage (sometimes less than once a day). However it likes to suck the battery. According to battery monitor it can account for approx 43% battery usage within 24 hours. Other high use apps like Outlook are tapping out at 6%. Is there a way to make less hungry when in the background?
Basically I need to charge the phone a lot quicker if I have ziti enabled than when I don’t. This is on a 12 pro max.

Hi Goosleggs - I’d like to take a look at what’s happening on your phone. Would you please do the following:

  1. From the ZME app, go to Advanced > Snapshot. There’s no need to capture the results on the screen that shows next, it will also be logged.
  2. Navigate back to the main screen and click Send Feedback. This should pop up your email client with log files attached.
  3. Either send that email (the default address that is displayed is fine) or save the logs and post them here (whichever you prefer).


Thanks for quick response. I have just sent through a prelim message as I had disabled the tunnel but at least gives you a config. Will leave it one and send an update tomorrow or day following.

Thanks. I’ll take a look. I also added an issue related to a “low power” mode, which I think will be needed. Low power mode on iOS · Issue #105 · openziti/ziti-tunnel-apple · GitHub

Just sent feedback. Ziti was 45% usage last 24 hours.

Thanks. I took a quick look at the logs, and plan to take a closer look later today. I do see periods with a bunch of connection failures, which is an area we can look at for improving battery usage.

I did some playing around over the weekend with a “low power mode” with some success (centered around connection usage while phone is asleep). In some limited testing, I saw my battery usage drop from around 7% to around 3%. I’ve run into a couple of snags with this that we’ll need to work through. I’ll also make sure my testing includes broader feature usage (e.g., I don’t currently have any posture checks enabled on my phone)