iPhone - changing status in app causes app to not be able to connect again

I went to log this issue directly on the openZiti Github, but not sure who ‘owns’ the iPhone client.

When using the iPhone client, all works well, until you change the status from connected to Not Connected. Once you have done this, and then you try and “Connect” again by moving the slider open, it is stuck on connecting… and will not succeed. There are no logs on the controller or edge router.

Looking at the logs on the phone don’t reveal much either. You can create and enrol a new identity fine. I have removed, then re-added the app, and this still does not work.

The fix…Go into Settings and turn off “VPN Connecting”, or Settings > General > VPN & Device management > VPN and change status from Connecting…to disconnected.
Once that is done, you can enable it again, and it will work.

iOS version: 15.5
Version: 2.21 (447)
Device: iPhone13,4

Not sure if this a bug with client or the phone.

Thanks, gooseleggs. It’s a bug in the client. We have a fix for this and it will be included in the next release of the iPhone client. It was related to the IPC between the app and the app extension (the tunneling part).

It’s part of the GitHub - openziti/ziti-tunnel-apple: Ziti mobile and desktop edge clients for Apple devices repo. I went ahead and added an Issue to track: Unable to Connect from Application · Issue #101 · openziti/ziti-tunnel-apple · GitHub

This bug was fixed as part of the 2.22 release of the iOS client