Openziti browzer

Quick check in on the opportunity to join in on the beta program.

Looking forward to the release when its publicly available.

What are you looking for as part of the beta programme? Some sort of guide to setup and test it for yourself?

Guidance on how to get started is probably a good start. Where can I source the code from… as I am not sure which package to use… and what sort of things need to get setup on the controller.

Once I have a few more details… I may be able to piece a few things together…

But certainly keen to work with what is available to get it up and running.

No worries. It’s still a bit off from being usable by ‘anyone’ even in a beta form. For example, I myself haven’t deployed it yet, but it’s shaping up. When it’s ready for you, we’ll definitely appreciate your feedback!

@markamind Hi Scott.

Thanks for reading the browZer article. As indicated, I am busy producing various follow-on doc artifacts intended to provide the necessary “how to” education. It shouldn’t be too long before you start seeing it published.

Meanwhile, can you tell me a bit about the type(s) of web apps you intend to deploy in a browZer environment?

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I have a few different types, listed below.

Oracle Apex

We did a demo a while ago using Apex, which seemed to work ok.

Happy to help out if you need some extra arms and legs.