OpenZITI Cli Documentation


I’m working on OpenZiti’s Ansible Community collection and I just found out that the ziti CLI can do alot of things, like init a configuration file, install a component etc.

I was wondering if there’s any documentation of Ziti’s CLI, I’ve already searched on the docs, ZitiTv, and Management/Client API but couldn’t find a rich documentation of Ziti CLI.

Also, If I try to run ziti install ziti-tunnel, I’m getting this error : panic: ERROR: the JFROG_API_KEY env variable has not been set. Why would I need a JFrog API key ? Does the adhoc command builds the Ziti components from scratch ? Are these commands used internally by Ziti maintainers ?


There’s no comprehensive doc for ziti cli yet. You can explore the commands manually, but it can be a bit tedious that way.

ziti install fell out of use some time ago and may or may not work. We transitioned from deploying to jfrog over to GitHub and imo it’s not as robust as jfrog, but it’s more inline with other open source projects.

Most of the commands are used by maintainers daily, some more than others…

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@arslane Your Ansible role makes a lot of sense to me as a versatile tool for installing any Ziti component on any Linux device. Eventually, I expect we’ll have Linux packages for most of those individual packages, but even then the role could still be useful because of its flexibility.

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