OpenZiti SDK integration with Flutter applications


I am planning to develop a Flutter app and am interested in using OpenZiti. Looking through your documentation, I saw that there are SDKs for Swift and Android, but I didn't see specific support for Flutter.

I have several questions.

  1. If there is no official support yet, can you provide guidance on how to integrate OpenZiti with Flutter applications?
    Maybe through a language interface (FFI)? (I have no experience in this)
  2. What are the main challenges or limitations that may arise during such integration?

I would be grateful for any help or guidance!

Hi @kvark - welcome to the community! I don't have any experience with Flutter/Dart. Can you tell me a bit about how your app is deployed? E.g., are you making REST calls via dart.http from the mobile device? Is the deployment model similar to a web app? Mainly: where do the connections you want to run over Ziti originate, and do you know where that point (or those points) are in your code?

@kvark welcome to OpenZiti community!

I believe the easiest way to integrate with Dart would be via FFI to Ziti Library (C-sdk). The functions you want to look at are in includes/ziti/zitilib.h

Our Python SDK is doing something similar, maybe it will be helpful to look at that

Please let us know your results.