Python SDK sample:

I am working through how to run this example… and are not really sure what you need.

I have the host running in a local docker instance…


From what I understand, this is all you need… however, when I run the sample it generates an error

I was thinking… where is the client identity… so I reran it setting the local variable


However… this did not change anything

The error appears to origination from line 22

sock.connect((‘httpbin.ziti’, 80))

any tips on where to look?

@markamind Subscribing myself here because I’m working through these samples myself today and tomorrow.

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@markamind most likely you don’t have the service that intercepts httpbin.ziti:80 address. These samples were developed for use with identities provisioned from ZEDS. You can try that yourself, or modify the sample to fit your setup

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Additionally you can enable debug logging to see what Ziti SDK is doing behind the scenes.
set ZITI_LOG environment variable to desired level [1-6]

That will be it… I will aim to hack out something later today to get it working on my local environment

I finally worked out how to run this…

  1. you need to have running on the server

  2. you need to call locally with a tunneler running

It should return the same result as when you tested out the script.

Very happy now :slight_smile:

Time to test these integration samples out more