.service files not generated using expressInstall

Tested today the Host OpenZiti Anywhere | OpenZiti, everything worked fine until the Host OpenZiti Anywhere | OpenZiti section:

sudo cp "${ZITI_HOME}/${ZITI_CTRL_NAME}.service" /etc/systemd/system/ziti-controller.service
sudo cp "${ZITI_HOME}/${ZITI_ROUTER_NAME}.service" /etc/systemd/system/ziti-router.service

But there are no .service files generated anywhere so the commands fails.

Hi @Zincr0, welcome to the forum and to OpenZiti!

Really? Strange. Did you run the two commands to generate them?

createRouterSystemdFile "${ZITI_ROUTER_NAME}"

what output did that give you? can you share any errors?

It was a typo, nvm, fixed

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