Stable V1 release / Roadmap

Hello there!

I wonder if there is any roadmap to stable 1.0?
Asking because I see a need to have a stable release to rely on in the future.


First I'll start with my opinion, but 1.0 is "just a number". there are numerous examples of very stable code that ship with 0.* version numbers. CloudZiti is built on OpenZiti and is quite stable.

That said -- yes we're marching towards a 1.0 type release and have been for a while. There are a few things we want to put in place before we mark OpenZiti as "1.0" such as HA support. We're in the final strech of that. I expect a 1.0 release to come very soon. Exactly when, I'm not sure but it'll be measured in "months", not quarters.

I see.

By HA you mean multi-controller setup?

Yes. That's been recently collectively referred to in a terse way as just 'HA' lately. Probably obvious, but all the other pieces have been redundant and HA for a long while. Thanks for that clarification.