Trusted Developer - Windows ZDE Installer

@dovholuknf It seems that trusted install is not allowed at least on one of the machines we are using. Any idea as to why or what to check?

Yes this is a “known issue” that Microsoft assured me they had sorted… Clearly this has not been sorted. It seems to have started back up around 4 or 5 weeks ago and affects quite a few versions back of the installer. It’s not a “problem” per-se, it doesn’t stop things from installing but it’s certainly scary. If you download it via Edge, you’ll have to tell Edge to keep the file too. Very annoying…

I have an ongoing conversation with the MS support team. They supposedly white-listed both the signing certs that are in use. It actually might correspond with the release of Windows 11… That is about the time I started to notice this again.

Still, I have a support ticket in with Microsoft and HOPEFULLY this will just go away once our app has “established enough reputation”. :frowning: Until then - we have to deal wit this…

Just wanted to close this topic off. As of a few days ago, Microsoft “scanned the file” and confirmed it safe. I have tested in my own Windows Sandbox and I can confirm that Windows no longer marks the download as “scary and not to be trusted”.

This should be resolved

Great news Clint, thank you.

@dovholuknf This popped up for me today on the latest version. I thought trust had been established, but maybe it got reset by Microsoft?

heavy sigh

I’m really sick of Microsoft for this… I’ll email them - YET again…


Guessing this was a passing issue. I haven’t heard/seen anyone talk about it anymore. @dovholuknf You think the same?

No. I use my “Windows Sandbox”. It still has the issue. I don’t know how to get Microsoft to ‘fix this for good’… I keep trying:


I went through the silly form they make me fill out to ‘report as safe’ … but i don’t have a lot of hope that they’ll get it right… :frowning: