Zitidesktop Install issue on Mac Intel


I have an Apple Intel machine.
The Ziti Desktop Edge installed is version 2.21.
Several attempts to install version 2.24 have failed.

The Apple Store shows version 2.24, but on installing, we only every get the version 2.21.
We have tried a straight install and also deleting the existing Ziti Desktop Edge and rebooting before install with no success!

Any suggestions on why this might be?

Best regards
Julian Cox

Hi Julian,

Please try this:

  • in Apple’s Settings/Network/VPN, Disconnect Ziti Desktop Edge and then remove Ziti Desktop Edge from the list on the left (you may have to “Click the lock to make changes”).
  • Be sure to Apply the changes on the Setting/VPN page
  • Quit the Ziti Desktop Edge app
  • remove /Applications/Ziti\ Desktop\ Edge
  • re-install from the app store

If you are still having issues, plus run the following command from a terminal window and share the results: pluginkit -v -m -D -i io.netfoundry.ZitiPacketTunnel.PacketTunnelProvider