Zitified app vs ziti-edge-tunnel


What are the pros and cons of zitifying an app VS using the ziti-edge-tunnel app ?

I understand zitifying an app offers end-to-end encryption from app to app but other than that, are there advantages performancs wise for exemple ?

Thank you !

Yes, security/privacy is a big - probably the biggest - reason. But also “fewer moving parts” (i.e., no virtual network interface or separate tunneling app needed) - so: better reliability. And it puts the app developer in complete control of the end-user experience, so: happier customers. There will be some performance improvements by cutting out the intermediate virtual net interface and IP stack),

You’ll also remove the complexity of intercepting DNS and/or IP addresses since OpenZiti deals with Services by name and doesn’t mess around with converting between underlay network and overlay networks (one of the main functions of the tunnelers)

I see, I didn’t think about the complexity of the tunneler.

Thank you for your answer !