Android tunneler is not stable

After time working with Ziti, I must admit that Android tunneler (which names Ziti mobile Edge) is not usable, at least for now.
Other tunnelers work like a charm but Android. Don't know why.
I have tested: ziti desktop edge for windows and mac --> work great, ziti mobile edge for iOS --> work great. Only android variant does not. For example: I have a RDP service, Android device is the only one can not connect or disconnect right after connected. Don't know why because I use the same identity, same services, same policies. And now I'm too afraid to ask.
One more point, Ziti mobile edge Android has not been updated for a long time, since August last year. The GUI is a mess too...

Hi @kaiba_seto2004, I'm honestly surprised you're having that much trouble with the Android tunneler. I use it all the time and other than some oddities around changing networks from wifi to mobile to different wifi network strangeness, it generally works great for me.

When you say you use "the same identity" for your RDP test, that doesn't sound right to me. There's no way I know of to import an identity (or export it) so maybe you mean you just have identities configured the same way?

Could you reproduce the problem and email the log file from the UI (Main Menu -> Feedback) to help@

With respect to the "GUI is a mess", can you expand on that? Is there something you're missing or finding insufficient? Maybe it's the "Services" view or something else?

Yes, I mean "the same identity": I enroll an identity (for example: huynd54) on windows tunneller, then I enable ziti and I can remote desktop to my PC (IP: --> pc tunneler worked great. Then I reset enrollment my identity (still huynd54) and enroll it on my android phone, but I can not remote to IP anymore --> not working.
I've already send log file to your email. Please take your time to check it. Thank you :smiley:
P/S: android GUI: In submenu you can touch center screen to on/off VPN, rotation makes text blend together with button, ...

Ok, thanks. How exactly do you "reset enrollment" for that identity? can you give me your steps so that I can try to reproduce? Also, how do you (did you) setup the service? Are you recreating the service or service policies when you do this?

There's a few things that might be going wrong and I'm trying to narrow down how you get into the situation and where/how it goes wrong. I'll have a look at the logs, thanks!

I also just connected to my own RDP server and things seem to be working so it's probably something goofy going on with the reenrollment process. Let me know how you do it and I'll try to reproduce the issue.

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@kaiba_seto2004 thank you for trying ZME for Android. From the logs it appears that connection times out after 5 seconds

05-15 15:35:39.957 17476 18777 E ziti-conn[MJJK42J-4p/10:  failed to connect: java.util.concurrent.CancellationException: close
05-15 15:35:39.957 17476 18777 E tcp:/ -> / failed to connect to Ziti Service: failed to connect to Dial(, appData=DialData(dstProtocol=TCP, dstHostname=null, dstIp=, dstPort=3389, srcProtocol=null, srcIp=null, srcPort=null, sourceAddr=null), identity=null, callerId=MJJK42J-4p) in 5000 millis
05-15 15:35:39.957 17476 18777 D tcp-conn: tcp:/ -> null/ transitioning to Closed

can you check the logs on your router logs?

it seems that 5 seconds should be enough

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Thank you so much gentlemen.
Finally I found what's wrong with my Android device.
Please take a look to this "feature" built-in my Poco F2 phone (a sub brand of Xiaomi) - MIUI 14 based on Android 12.

It was "Enabled" in default and this will make background traffic slower than foreground traffic and has less priority. It makes sense because right after I switched from ziti mobile edge to RDP app, ziti has lower priority and connection will time out immediately.
Solution is just disable this feature or change setting to "balanced".
I'm so happy with the result. Thanks again.
But Android GUI is still not good. Do you agree?

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Hey that's great! I'm glad you figured out what was going wrong!

Personally I think the UI is fine/ok. It could be better, sure but it gets the job done for my needs. I must admit i've never rotated the UI personally. Hard to believe but that's just something I've not done before.

We're always happy to hear feedback from people using the UI though, thank you!