ZME Network Intercept

Can Ziti Mobile Edge (iOS/Android) implement a longest mask wins feature, like normal routing, so that one could place a “default route” of as a service and direct it to a router, or routers?

If it could, you could do with the traffic as you liked, install inspection, blocking, etc.

I know this is possible on ZDE, not sure if done to ZME yet…

ZME for iOS uses the same code base for networking as ZDE for macOS (a combination of an Apple Networking Extension and the Ziti Tunneler SDK used by ziti-edge-tunnel). Anything you do that works on ZDE for macOS should work on ZME for iOS.

Sweet. How about Android?

Needs to be implemented

Is it on the roadmap? ZeroTier and Tailscale support it on android in case that code helps. There’s also GitHub - Jigsaw-Code/outline-client: Outline clients, developed by Jigsaw. The Outline clients use the popular Shadowsocks protocol, and lean on the Cordova and Electron frameworks to support Windows, Android / ChromeOS, Linux, iOS and macOS. and GitHub - omniedgeio/omniedge-android: OmniEdge Android as reference apps

CIDR block intercepts and wildcard domain intercepts should work on Android. I believe @ekoby comment was about the explicit “/0” intercept format

(And yes, agreed, we need to make sure Android is on par with the other platforms)

just to clarify – CIDR block with `/0’ is implemented. what still needs implementing is the longest match feature

Oh, that’s great! Thanks for the clarification